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A guide to bankroll and winnings management for novice players

A guide to bankroll and winnings management for novice players

The influence of Fortune is quite large – so, if the score on the table is negative, in this case, the basic strategy will definitely succumb to circumstances. The main task is to preserve and increase your own bankroll, without taking unnecessary risks and using only a competent betting policy.

There are whole systems of recommendations that provide an opportunity not only to save money, but even to make a little money. We will give you the most popular, widespread and universal systems, relevant to all varieties of card games.

The most important rule

  • If you do not observe the rule discussed below, you run the risk of eventually coming to lose not only your money, but also your psychological calm and state of mind. So, you should play only with the money that you would not be sorry to lose. Of course, losing money is always a pity – play with money that you can afford to lose without harming the family budget.
  • It’s quite simple – if you sit down at the table with the money that was previously set aside for a new car, an apartment, children’s education, or other important goals, then you can not claim to be a rational, experienced, and generally reasonable player. Each of the lost hand will seriously damage both your wallet and your nerves.
  • If you move away from the moral and ethical issue and turn to pragmatics, you will not be able to concentrate on the game, so each hand that you lose, very seriously hit the nerves. Even when one is doing very well, so to speak, at the beginning of the game, there is an implausible chance that losses will throw you off balance, and you’ll end up losing everything.

There is a very curious opinion – professionals recommend treating the money you took in the casino as money you’ve already lost. They say that in this case to lose is not so offensive and painful. Whether it works – it’s hard to say, but you should certainly not expect a miracle, thus, you are sure to doom yourself to a loss.

To summarize all of the above, it is necessary to be prepared (not only psychologically, but also financially) for the fact that the money you play for, eventually still will be lost. Taking money in debt, on credit, is the first and decisive step to serious problems and bankruptcy. And the biggest problem for beginners is the chaotic attempts to win back, which sometimes take away entire fortunes.

What are chips?

Remember that the chips you get in a gambling establishment are not just pretty plastic circles, they are full-fledged money. It is through chips that casinos increase their profits, because often the player simply does not perceive that there is a hundred-dollar bill underneath the plastic piece.

Play consistently and in a pattern. The game should be consistent, you need to build a logical chain and generally know how to manage their own bets. And the longer the game goes on, the more you get tired and the harder it is to concentrate and focus on the result. Lose some money and feel tired or depressed? Don’t try to win back that day, nothing good will come of it.

How much money should I take?

It’s impossible to give a specific figure, but more often than not, avid blackjack enthusiasts form a bankroll of 50 minimum bets. But you have to be careful – if at the beginning, as they say, “the card won’t turn up,” there’s a risk of ending up without chips in an hour after the game starts. It is impossible to speak about more exact terms or bankroll size, everything depends on how aggressive your game is, how much time you plan to spend in a gambling establishment, and whether you can count cards. There are a lot of factors, you need to take them into account beforehand.

And if you have played before, and you know that at decisive moments to resist the temptation to withdraw money from the bank card you will not be able, then take plastic with a sure do not need. The main thing for successful casino gaming – a cool head and a sober calculation. Calm, sober-mindedness and discretion is a guarantee that you will not squander the cost of new SUV just for the evening.

Back to the financial question.

When to get up from the table? Admit it, you probably don’t have any plans about when you will leave the gambling table. It’s quite simple – you have to put a sum above which you don’t go up, and when you reach it, you have to leave. Don’t try to set yourself six-figure symbols or amounts that you can win by some unbelievable coincidence – it certainly won’t happen to you. Greed, as you know, begets poverty.

And most importantly – have fun with the game, do not turn it into a routine. Take breaks, change the occupation, do sports and take care of your health. Then, even if the game is a means of making money, it will not bore you.

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